Datasets for Eduvizzers

Our goal: to provide you awesome educational datasets, so that you can create outstanding data visualizations

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January 2023: (please submit vizzes to the submissions tracker by January 31st)

Studying Abroad: Inbound and Outbound Mobility Ratios (Tertiary Education)

December 2022:

Salaries by College Type

November 2022:

Student Loan Borrowing and Repayment

October 2022:

Immunization Coverage among Students in Toronto

September 2022:

Detailed Years of School Completed by People 25 Years and Over by Sex, Age Groups, Race and Hispanic Origin: 2021

August 2022:

Teacher Salaries by Subject in the US August 2022

July 2022:

Global School-Age Digital Connectivity

June 2022:

Chicago Public Schools – Progress Report Cards (2011-2012)

May 2022:

Top University Social Media Rankings – 2021

Choose your level:

Level 1 (beginner/intermediate): use one dataset

Leve1 2 (intermediate/advanced): add a second dataset that may require cleaning. Hint: use Tableau Prep or SQL

April 2022:

Level 1 dataset: Austin High School Graduation Rates

Level 2 dataset: Austin Schools Rated as Improvement Required

March 2022:

Level 1 dataset: IPEDS University Admissions Data

Level 2 dataset: IPEDS University Directory Data

February 2022:

Level 1 dataset: Bright Green Future Grant Data
Level 2 dataset: American Community Survey – Mean Income in the Past 12 Months