Datasets for Eduvizzers

Our goal: to provide you awesome educational datasets, so that you can create outstanding data visualizations

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June 2023: (please submit vizzes to the submissions tracker by June 30th)

OECD Programme for International Student Assessment

May 2023:

2021 Reported Energy and Water Metrics (Boston)

April 2023

Open Database of Educational Facilities in Canada (ODEF)

March 2023

Strategic Measure Number of Apprenticeship and Internship Positions Offered by the City of Austin

February 2023:

World Bank Youth Literacy Rates

January 2023:

Studying Abroad: Inbound and Outbound Mobility Ratios (Tertiary Education)

December 2022:

Salaries by College Type

November 2022:

Student Loan Borrowing and Repayment

October 2022:

Immunization Coverage among Students in Toronto

September 2022:

Detailed Years of School Completed by People 25 Years and Over by Sex, Age Groups, Race and Hispanic Origin: 2021

August 2022:

Teacher Salaries by Subject in the US August 2022

July 2022:

Global School-Age Digital Connectivity

June 2022:

Chicago Public Schools – Progress Report Cards (2011-2012)

May 2022:

Top University Social Media Rankings – 2021

Choose your level:

Level 1 (beginner/intermediate): use one dataset

Leve1 2 (intermediate/advanced): add a second dataset that may require cleaning. Hint: use Tableau Prep or SQL

April 2022:

Level 1 dataset: Austin High School Graduation Rates

Level 2 dataset: Austin Schools Rated as Improvement Required

March 2022:

Level 1 dataset: IPEDS University Admissions Data

Level 2 dataset: IPEDS University Directory Data

February 2022:

Level 1 dataset: Bright Green Future Grant Data
Level 2 dataset: American Community Survey – Mean Income in the Past 12 Months