About Us

Amy Wu

Amy is an award-winning author and international presenter of research data with a Ph.D. in Educational Administration from UT – Austin and an M.B.A. from Texas State University, San Marcos.

She is a data geek whose favorite childhood toy was a Little Professor math calculator. These days, Amy works with companies to transform their visions into great dashboards, and her best days are when she sees data driving decisions.

Dennis Kao

Dennis is a social work professor at Carleton University, where he conducts health equity research and teaches courses on nonprofit management, community development, and research. As a mixed-methods researcher, he employs a variety of quantitative and qualitative approaches, including GIS mapping and data visualization.

Originally from California, he currently lives in Ottawa, ON with his wife and 2 kids.

Mehras Abdoli

Mehras has recently switched careers to work in data after completing his Master of Science in Data Analytics, following nine years of experience in various roles in K-12 education.

In his current role, he uses Tableau to create interactive dashboards promoting data-driven decision-making and community trust. Mehras is passionate about exploring different data-related topics, learning new data skills, and helping others achieve their goals.